Answering Your Questions About Digital X-Rays

You are probably certain that we incorporate a visual exam into your child’s dental checkup to make sure everything looks healthy and free of changes. However, have you spent any time wondering how we approach viewing the more intricate details of your little one’s oral cavity? Wonder no more – we complete a thorough exam with the use of digital X-rays. Have questions? Don’t worry – we’ve got answers!

Question: What makes digital X-rays unique when compared with the way conventional X-rays are taken?

Answer: When a dentist uses conventional X-rays, the experience is more time consuming. This digital method does not require film-processing time. Instead, the images are easy to capture and will upload quickly into our computer system. We can display them on a monitor almost immediately for a much more convenient, much more enjoyable experience.

Question: Are digital X-rays safer than conventional ones?

Answer: Yes, this form of advanced imaging is much safer for everyone – children and adults alike. You see, digital X-rays release a significantly reduced amount of radiation than the conventional type. You can rest easy knowing your child is safe.

Question: Why do you take X-rays?

Answer: We take X-rays to receive a detailed, up-close look at the inner workings of your child’s smile. There’s a lot of surface area and tissue beneath that surface that we cannot see with our eyes alone. We can quickly manipulate and zoom in on the images we capture with digital X-rays.

Question: I’ve heard that digital imaging is better for the environment – is this true?

Answer: This is true. You now know that the digital version does not rely on the use of film or processing, which means that also excludes the need for processing chemicals. There is very little waste or pollution created – if any – by using digital imaging in place of conventional imaging.


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