Making Brush Time Fun

Are you wondering if there’s something you can do to make toothbrushing time a fun experience rather than something your child views as a chore? Your intentions, of course, are to assist your child in enjoying the very thing that will keep his or her smile clean and healthy for a lifetime – but how to approach this plan correctly? Fortunately, it’s just a matter of adding some excitement and happiness to the process. Look at this as a bonding moment and a time to “play” so brushing feels effortless. (And remember to ask for tips during your next dental checkup)!

Find A Toothbrushing App You Like

Worried that you might get a little stage fright or not quite know what to say to make toothbrushing time seem fun? We’ve got you covered. Just search for an age-appropriate app for toothbrushing and leave the interactive excitement to your device’s screen.

Let Your Little One Choose A Toothbrush

Little ones love to take part in the decision making process when it comes to things like brushing teeth – why not make the toothbrush selection process a special event? Give your child his or her pick of age-appropriate toothbrushes for a fun approach to getting started.

Turn On A Little Music

You know that a brushing session should last approximately two minutes. However, using a timer with a child is not always a successful experience (and something you probably aren’t very interested in either). Make things enjoyable by turning on a song you both love – keep the two-minute mark in mind, so you know when it’s time to rinse. We will let you know how the brushing is doing at your next dental checkup.


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