We always strive to protect your child’s natural teeth but sometimes removing a tooth is the best solution to protect overall oral health. Teeth work both individuals and as a part of an interconnected framework including your jawbone, gum tissue, and supportive structures. When a tooth threatens daily comfort and dental health or compromises nearby tissues, it is often most beneficial to perform an extraction as a part of a long-term treatment plan to restore your child’s smile.

About Extractions

Your Child’s Comfort

We offer sedation dentistry solutions, including oral sedation or IV sedation for children in need of extra relaxation. Please speak with us if your child experiences dental anxiety, so we may choose an appropriate solution. In addition to sedation, we will begin an extraction like we do other pediatric treatments – by ensuring your child feels at ease, knowledgeable, and comfortable. Before extracting the tooth, Dr. Marr will numb the tooth and surrounding tissues.

What to Expect

Once your child feels relaxed and the target tooth is numb, Dr. Marr will gently loosen the tooth and then remove it with dental forceps. We will then provide you with aftercare instructions, which will primarily include making sure your child leaves the affected area alone while clots form. Clots act as the body’s natural healing process – a dislodged clot may lead to an uncomfortable disorder called dry socket that will require additional treatment. Your child will need to rest and eat soft foods while his or her mouth heals.

Reasons For Extractions

Baby Tooth Removal

In some cases, a baby tooth may not develop in the ideal position or may not fall out at the appropriate time. To inhibit the need for additional treatment down the road, we may remove the baby tooth to permit the permanent tooth below to erupt successfully.

Unhealthy Tooth Removal

Restorative treatments like fillings and root canals may not be able to rescue a tooth suffering from severe decay or infection. An extraction may provide an immediate source of relief, though depending on the specific circumstances, the tooth may need to be replaced.

Preparation for Orthodontic Care

Particularly in smiles suffering from overcrowding, the strategic removal of teeth may make room to accommodate orthodontic treatment.

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