IV Sedation 101

Adults and children alike commonly receive different types of sedation dentistry for a variety of treatments. Some patients prefer sedation for everything from checkups to fillings, while others rely on added relaxation for more complex procedures. As for your child, we are always open to discussing the full gamut of sedation solutions to promote consistently tranquil dental visits. One of our sedation options is IV sedation, which we commonly suggest for restorative treatments like tooth extractions. By becoming more familiar with this and other types of sedation, you will gain a comfort level, so you can best help us keep your child feeling at ease about dental care.

What Is IV Sedation?

This is a sedative that we will administer to your child intravenously. We will place a very small needle in your son or daughter’s arm or the back of his or her hand. Like other forms of sedation, the medicine will offer anti-anxiety qualities for a relaxing procedure.

How Is This Different From Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is administered in a single, controlled dose. We cannot increase or decrease the amount of sedative your child receives by taking a pill. In addition, the oral pill is injection-free. A major benefit of IV sedation (provided your child does not have a phobia of needles) is that we can control the amount of sedative we administer during treatment.

What Can I Expect For My Child?

IV sedation offers the deepest form of relaxation your child can attain during a dental visit. You can expect your little one to feel extremely at ease – in fact, your son or daughter may not remember the visit once the medicine wears off. However, the medication will not cause your child to fall asleep. Instead, your son or daughter will remain awake and able to respond if we ask questions.


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