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Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy? PartTwo

When an adult allows a cavity to progress for some time, it can lead to an infection requiring root canal treatment. But when the same cavity progression happens to a kid, most pediatric dentists recommend a less invasive approach. This often means conducting a pulpotomy, which helps remove infected portions of the tooth, while leaving… Read more »

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy? Part One

Ah, cavities! They are so common that nearly 90 percent of adults will experience them, and sadly, more than 40 percent of kids under twelve will also struggle with them. Prompt treatment can make recovery simple, though. Often all that is required to restore the smile, after a cavity, is a simple filling. Unfortunately, the… Read more »

Have a Cavity? How a Tooth-colored Filling Can Help

Whether it is you or your child that has developed a cavity, you probably already know that it’s time to see the dentist. Prompt restorative treatment is important with dental issues, because it helps stop decay and prevent worsening issues like an infection or even the need for an extraction. But what you may not… Read more »

All About Cavities

Do you spend what feels like a significant amount of time trying to protect your child’s smile from cavities? Do you limit sugar, give your child water instead of soft drinks or juice, and do your best to keep up with preventive care? If so, you’re doing a good job of helping your child avoid… Read more »

Can Children Get Dental Fillings?

In most cases, when you have a cavity, you get a filling to treat it. For children, though, dental concerns are often different, and you may wonder if your child’s tooth needs a filling, especially if it’s close to falling out anyway. The point of a filling is to stop a cavity from growing, and… Read more »

Abscesses: How Much Do You Know?

If you have learned details about root canal treatment then you have likely heard the term “abscess” mentioned at least once or twice. As you know, we suggest root canals for patients who are suffering from infected teeth or seriously damaged dental pulp (the tissue that lines the interior of a tooth). Unfortunately, if you… Read more »

Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals: Don’t Wait!

When we suggest a restorative treatment for your child, you may find yourself feeling somewhat conflicted. Your instinct may be to run quickly with your little one in tow. We understand – most parents are worried about protecting the comfort of their children. First things first, keep in mind that we share this priority with… Read more »

Reasons For Crown Placement

If you’re at all familiar with crowns, you know that they are restorations, which provide full coverage to teeth. A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth, shaped to fit directly over a tooth in need of help. The good news is that providing your little one with a crown can provide exceptional protection, while preventing… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: FAQs

At first glance, the idea of a root canal treatment for your child’s tooth may sound like something you would do anything to avoid. Fortunately, by learning just a bit more about the pediatric version of this treatment, you will come to find it is extremely beneficial. First, we want you to keep in mind… Read more »

Your Dental Filling Questions

We understand if you have questions about your child’s dental filling. We also know that you do your best to help your child avoid problems like tooth decay – rest assured, most people will experience this oral problem at least once over the course of a lifetime. The good news is that we can easily… Read more »