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When Is Crowning Your Child’s Tooth a Good Idea?

Some dental treatments are always a good idea for your child. For example, children always require routine dental checkups and cleanings on a consistent basis in order to keep their teeth healthy, clean, and developing properly. On occasion, they might also require more direct treatment, such as fluoride and/or dental sealants to provide more effective… Read more »

When Your Child’s Smile Needs Restoration

For the most part, consistent dental care for children isn’t typically complex. Like dental care for adults, the most frequent need is to practice good dental hygiene and receive preventive care on a consistent basis. However, children can sometimes develop problems with their healthy, natural tooth structure, and when they do, it’s important to address… Read more »

Do Children Ever Benefit From Root Canals?

When we see little smiles with cavities, we often address the problem in one visit with a simple filling. But what if a tooth has more than a cavity, what if a severe infection or abscess has developed? In these scenarios, which would normally call for an endodontic procedure known as a root canal, your… Read more »

What Will My Child’s Crown Be Made Of?

When a child comes to us with a dental cavity, we may address the problem in a single sitting with a filling. However, sometimes injuries or cavities could be severe enough that a filling simply isn’t enough. Fortunately, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist has another option for restoring little smiles: A custom-made dental crown.

When Tooth Extraction Is Part of Your Child’s Treatment

The differences between children’s dental care and dental treatment for adults are often more subtle than you might realize. For instance, teeth of all ages need certain routine care and preventive measures, such as routine dental checkups and cleanings. For both adults and children, the goal of consistent dental care is typically to preserve as… Read more »

What Should Your Child Receive A Root Canal?

When a tooth develops a cavity, we often address the concern in the early stages with a filling. But what if the cavity has reached a more advanced stage, or a painful infection or dental abscess has developed in your child’s tooth? In these cases, a root canal from your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist could… Read more »

Make Sure Your Child Takes Care of Their Filling

When a cavity develops in your child’s tooth and you treat it early enough, the tooth can often be saved with the help of a biocompatible tooth filling. Once the filling is placed, however, it’s tempting to consider the problem solved, and your child’s tooth completely safe from harm. The truth, however, is that tooth… Read more »

Can Your Child’s Severely Decayed Tooth Be Saved?

One of the most important reasons why prevention is such a heavy focus of your child’s dental health care is because, once a problem like tooth decay develops, it’s impact must be addressed immediately. The longer it takes, the more advanced the decay or other concern can become, and the treatment needed to address could… Read more »

Should Baby Teeth Get Dental Crowns?

Knowing that your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are going to fall out eventually to make room for their adult teeth can sometimes lead to false assumptions. For instance, if a baby tooth becomes damaged or compromised in some way, parents may not think it’s important to address it since the tooth will be… Read more »

What to Consider if Your Child Needs a Tooth Filling

The good thing about modern dental care for children is that most of the concerns they might face are much simpler to overcome than you might expect. That includes cavities, which are the number one chronic concern with children’s and adults’ teeth. When detected and treated early, your child’s cavity may be addressed conservatively with… Read more »