Don’t Forget About Less Obvious Dental Floss Details! 

You likely already know the obvious details associated with dental floss and your child’s smile care habits at home (yours, too, of course). When we’re talking about the twice-a-day preventive sessions you’re holding in your bathroom, you know without doubt that one of them needs to include flossing and that it’s something in which the whole family must participate! You know to be thorough and gentle, as well. However, our Dallas, TX team recognizes that there are some less obvious particulars you may have forgotten about that can make (or break) your experience. Make it a wonderful one by considering some questions, so in your home, happy, clean smiles abound!

What’s It Taste Like?

You might have taught your kiddos how to floss just right! However, if your child is placing floss into his or her mouth and is repulsed by the flavor, then this is a battle you’re not going to win (and it will literally leave a bad taste in your child’s mouth in regard to smile care). We remind you that some are more sensitive to flavor than others, especially little ones, so it is to your advantage to try a variety of flavor options or to simply stick with unflavored floss!

Is It Easy To Hold?

This may not be something you think about a lot either but it’s very important! If your child has a hard time holding onto his or her dental floss, then this can make getting through a flossing session (or even flossing between just two teeth) quite frustrating. Remember to show your child how to wind floss around middle fingers and then grip the floss with index and thumb fingers and remember to use about 18 inches or so of floss. Or, rely on child flossers (or floss picks) if you’re finding this part of dental care to be a bit too challenging at the moment. Don’t give up! Flossing is essential for smile problem prevention!

What’s The Texture All About?

Texture can prove just as yucky as flavor. It can also make the experience with dental hygiene an easy one or a difficult one! We suggest you consider different textures (waxed or unwaxed, woven versus tape, etc.), your child’s oral health needs, and explore options from there for fun time with smile care (and then use what you and your children like)!

Enjoy Better Family Flossing

Talk with us right away if you realize your little one isn’t feeling good about flossing or any other aspect of dental care! Bring the topic up during your next visit and we will offer you some helpful advice for improvement! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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