Reminders For A Very Enjoyable (Smile Safe) Turkey Day! 

Whether you call it Turkey Day or Thanksgiving, it’s nearly here and it’s definitely a departure from the usual meals you consume on a daily basis! It’s a lovely way to enter the winter holiday season, as it’s full of exceptionally yummy fare that’s nostalgic and truly cozy. While this is probably something you love sharing with your children, you’d probably really love celebrating this day together, while steering the whole family away from common oral health hazards! As always, our friendly Dallas, TX pediatric dental care team is here with those little reminders that can go a long way!

Say Yes To Turkey!

Remember that it’s primarily carbs and sugars that are feeding the bacteria in your smile, which eventually lead to the development of tooth decay! So, when you see the turkey on the table (or any other protein), feel free to enjoy! It’s good for your smile and perfectly safe for your oral health.

Definitely Remember To Floss

Even if you feel sleepy after enjoying a plateful of turkey, remember that while flossing is always very important, turkey is likely to become stuck between teeth. So, if there was ever a time you were considering just skipping it and letting the kiddos head to bed, stick to the usual routine instead! Brush those smiles, do your usual thorough floss (or, if you flossed in the morning, you may wish to give it one more go) to ensure you don’t have trapped food in your grin! As always, this seems simple yet is very beneficial for the protection of your whole family’s oral health!

Hold The Marshmallows (At First)

Is this your child’s first time trying a sweet potato? While you may love them covered in a mile-high pile of marshmallows, we encourage you to let children try foods that are already quite naturally sweet before adding extra sweetness. You may find that your children love eating sweet potatoes on their own, that they’re happy to reach for strawberries without dipping sauce or powdered sugar, that they love apple slices free of caramel! Eating foods without additional sugar is always better for one’s oral health and if you’re lucky enough for your kiddo to hop on board, then go with it (you may even want to give it a try, too!).

See Us Before The Feast!

Worried about your child’s smile? See us for a checkup soon, so you know what’s what (and so we may offer any required oral health care ASAP).

Help Kids Enjoy Smile Protection This Thanksgiving

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year, while you and your children pile your plates high with delicious food, and all while feeling perfectly okay about the state of your family’s oral health! Consider our tips! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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