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Make The Most Of 2015

Here comes 2016! You will get to celebrate with a clean slate, your child will have another birthday, and you will have tons of new memories to make. What you may have overlooked as you prepare your winter holiday shopping list is that, as we wrap up 2015, your benefits will not be extending into… Read more »

Caring For Your Child’s Toothbrush

Before you had children, you might not have given too much thought to your toothbrush. Sure, you may have made sure to purchase a soft-bristle brush according to your dentist’s suggestions – you may have even replaced it once every three months, as you should. Whether it was super clean, wet, dry, or otherwise? This… Read more »

What’s So Bad About Plaque?

You have probably heard about plaque for most of your life – if not, then you’re certainly receiving an earful as a parent. As a result, you have likely come to learn that plaque is bad (but that does not mean you’re completely sure what makes it such an awful substance). The good news is that… Read more »

Surprising Tips For Cavity Prevention

Your dedication to protecting your child’s oral health likely consists of assisting with daily brushing and flossing. Hopefully, you are also scheduling six-month preventive care visits with us, so we can help your child avoid tooth decay and dental fillings, as well as other concerns. While these are excellent, tried-and-true methods for maintaining a healthy,… Read more »

A Quiz: Baby Teeth

We often find that patients come to us with varying beliefs about baby teeth. The bad news is that failing to provide consistent preventive care to baby teeth can result in some unwanted and serious consequences. The great news is that by making sure you’re familiar with this primary set of teeth and associated care… Read more »

Surprising Tips For Healthy Smiles

We find that parents often have a lot of questions about children’s oral health. This is a good thing! While trusting your instincts works in some cases, learning that what’s best for your smile is not always best for your child’s smile – well, this can become a bit alarming. First of all, we want… Read more »

Tips: Protecting Smiles During Halloween

Perhaps the only thing cuter than your child’s smile is seeing your little one in an adorable Halloween costume. Sure enough, your little ladybug, pirate, ghoul, or otherwise is likely preparing for this upcoming holiday by fantasizing about a bag full of candy. In the meantime, you are likely racking your brain, wondering how you… Read more »

Quiz: Developing Effective Brushing Habits

Like most individuals raising young children, you will find that helping your child maintain a healthy smile comes with a seemingly never-ending list of questions. The good news is that we are always here to assist you wherever you happen to be in your child’s journey toward developing a healthy, beautiful smile. As for common… Read more »

Gum Disease: Q&A

The gum health of your child is extremely important – unhealthy gum tissue may quickly result in severe side effects that endanger your child’s immediate and long-term oral health. The disappointing news is that periodontal problems can affect everyone, including your child. However, the exceptional news is that preventing gum issues is actually quite simple as… Read more »

Your Questions About Thumb Sucking

Like many parents, you are likely concerned about the appropriate ages for thumb sucking and may be curious about potentially negative side effects. The good news is that by learning more about what to expect, you will feel informed and much more relaxed about your little one’s habits. Even better news? Even if you feel… Read more »