Reasons Your Kids Really Should Learn to Floss

It might seem hard enough teaching your kids how to and why they need to brush their teeth everyday. Do you really have to teach them to floss too? Even many adults admit they don’t floss as regularly as their dentists recommend. In fact, some studies indicate that more than 30 percent of adults only floss occasionally, and nearly that many admit they never floss at all. Unfortunately failing to floss can contribute to plaque buildup, which can lead to issues for both the teeth and gums, including the development of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. So, if you really care about your kids’ smiles, why not make this the year your whole family commits to flossing everyday? Not only will your next dental checkups go much smoother, your smiles will look and likely feel much better, too!

Flossing Should be a Lifelong Habit

Though regular tooth brushing is important, brushing is not a proper substitutes for flossing. That is because flossing serves a unique purpose. It is the most effective way to remove bacteria between the teeth. When you fail to floss, you are likely to notice plaque buildup forming, especially around the edges of your teeth, which can lead to cavities as well as gum-related problems like gingivitis.

So, it is important to take time to floss everyday, if you want to maintain great oral health.

Dental Hygiene Can Help Prevent Oral Health Issues

A great way to explain why flossing is important, is by telling your kids that brushing their teeth without flossing is like only washing one hand before dinner, or wearing clean pants with a dirty shirt to school. Part of you is clean, but the other half is not.

Flossing helps to remove the bacteria that brushing leaves behind, helping to keep a person’s breath fresh and clean, but more importantly keeping the gums healthier.

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