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Is It Really Possible to Raise Kids That Eat Well?: Part Two

Does getting your kids to eat well-balanced meals feel like an ongoing struggle, or worse, an uphill battle you’re not sure you’ll ever really win? If so, you may have grown exhausted having the same discussion/disagreement every evening, about what goes on your kids’ dinner plates, and how much of it they actually need to… Read more »

Is It Really Possible to Raise Kids That Eat Well? Part One

Kids can certainly be picky eaters, which means trying to ensure they eat nutritious meals can often feel like a challenge. Unfortunately, this leads many parents to cave to requests for sugary, salty, fried and otherwise nutrient-lacking foods. Not only can this lead to malnutrition, it can also be problematic for young smiles, which need… Read more »

Smile-Friendly Summer Treats the Whole Family Will Love: Part One

During the summer it can be all too tempting to resort to going on runs to grab sweet treats to both fill the time and help you and your children beat the heat. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional trip to the ice cream shop or sno cone stand, over time too much… Read more »

Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy? Part Two

If you have questions about how to care for your baby’s smile, it is important to talk with your pediatric dentist. Learning the best way to care for baby teeth is essential to helping your child grow up with a healthy smile. Children’s teeth generally begin erupting around six months old, often starting with the… Read more »

Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy? Part One

Now that your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, your days are probably filled with a mix of pure elation and utter exhaustion. Adjusting to life as a new parent can be exciting, but it can also prove difficult and, at times, overwhelming. Along with learning how to balance work and a dwindling personal… Read more »

Summer Tooth Tips For Kids

Summer vacation means sleeping a little later for some of us, and not being on a regular schedule. While it is great to have a more relaxed pace, don’t let good toothcare habits fall by the wayside. It is still important to nourish your teeth (and body) with a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water…. Read more »

Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part Two

Summer is actually an ideal time to schedule your kids’ semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. Remember, even kids whose smiles seem healthy could be at risk of developing cavities or other issues, because of acidic tartar buildup. Most patients need to visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep these and other problems… Read more »

Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part One

If you want your kids to spend their summer break soaking up their time in the sun (wearing protective sunscreen of course) with smiles that shine just as bright, it is time you talk with them about how to go about best caring for their smiles. A few simple habits, formed now, can help ensure… Read more »

Reasons Your Kids Really Should Learn to Floss

It might seem hard enough teaching your kids how to and why they need to brush their teeth everyday. Do you really have to teach them to floss too? Even many adults admit they don’t floss as regularly as their dentists recommend. In fact, some studies indicate that more than 30 percent of adults only… Read more »

Smile-Friendly Foods Your Kids Will Love!

It may sometimes feel like a chore, just trying to get your kids to eat healthy foods that are good for their bodies and their smiles. Most children won’t pick fresh veggies over fried foods and processed snacks, given the choice. Still, there are smart ways you can help incorporate more nutrient-rich foods into your… Read more »