Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part One

If you want your kids to spend their summer break soaking up their time in the sun (wearing protective sunscreen of course) with smiles that shine just as bright, it is time you talk with them about how to go about best caring for their smiles. A few simple habits, formed now, can help ensure they enjoy great oral health during their vacations and as they head back to school in the fall. From hygiene tips to on-the-go care, here are a few ways your pediatric dentist advises your kids can keep their pearly whites looking their best and brightest all summer long!

Drink Plenty of Water!

Most people already know that they should be drinking water throughout the day, yet many fail to do so. During the summer, it becomes absolutely essential to one’s overall health that he or she drink plenty of water, and this includes your kids!

Not only does water help keep your whole body operating properly; it is also important to the smile. That’s because proper hydration helps a person develop saliva, which naturally inhibits bacteria’s ability to stick to the surface of the teeth, potentially causing filling-requiring cavities and other oral health issues.

Don’t Skip On Dental Hygiene

Whether you will soon be taking long roadtrips or flying out to see family or friends, chances are the summer will involve some travel. Don’t let this time away from home allow your kids to form bad hygiene habits, or to neglect the good ones they formed during the structure of traditional school days.

Twice daily tooth brushing helps keep cavities at bay, and flossing is also essential. When packing, keep dental hygiene essentials close at hand, that way they can be gotten to after meals, without having to dig through large suitcases. You can also consider allowing older children to chew on sugar-free gum after snacks or meals, to help freshen their breath but also remove bacteria and food particles from the surface of their teeth, until they can next brush them.

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