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Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part Two

Summer is actually an ideal time to schedule your kids’ semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. Remember, even kids whose smiles seem healthy could be at risk of developing cavities or other issues, because of acidic tartar buildup. Most patients need to visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep these and other problems… Read more »

Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part One

If you want your kids to spend their summer break soaking up their time in the sun (wearing protective sunscreen of course) with smiles that shine just as bright, it is time you talk with them about how to go about best caring for their smiles. A few simple habits, formed now, can help ensure… Read more »

Reasons Your Kids Really Should Learn to Floss

It might seem hard enough teaching your kids how to and why they need to brush their teeth everyday. Do you really have to teach them to floss too? Even many adults admit they don’t floss as regularly as their dentists recommend. In fact, some studies indicate that more than 30 percent of adults only… Read more »

Smile-Friendly Foods Your Kids Will Love!

It may sometimes feel like a chore, just trying to get your kids to eat healthy foods that are good for their bodies and their smiles. Most children won’t pick fresh veggies over fried foods and processed snacks, given the choice. Still, there are smart ways you can help incorporate more nutrient-rich foods into your… Read more »

Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth: Part Two

As your baby continues to grow, you will likely take several steps to help ensure your son or daughter enjoys a healthy childhood. Regular doctor visits are essential in a baby’s first few years, but dental visits become equally important! That is because even babies can develop oral health issues, like baby bottle tooth decay,… Read more »

Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth: Part One

Can you believe it? Your tiny baby is turning one soon! It probably feels like the time has flown by, and now, not only do you have a great milestone to celebrate, you also have a wonderful reminder how important it is to take great care of your child’s first few teeth. At age one,… Read more »

Just for Fun Facts About Dentistry: Part One

Do your kids eye roll every time you ask them to brush their teeth. No matter how hard you try, does it seem impossible to get them to care about their smiles? Sometimes the best way to get your kids interested in caring for their oral health is simply by making dental care more fascinating…. Read more »

Fun Ways to Get Kids Excited About Caring for Their Smiles

Do your children try to sneak off to bed without brushing their teeth, every single night? Is their morning routine filled with lots of whining about having to brush their teeth? If so, you are probably tired of feeling like one of the hardest parts of your job, as a parent, is simply making sure… Read more »

What Makes Pediatric Dentists Special?

Do you sometimes wonder if you should simply take your children to a general dentist, who can also care for you and your spouse’s smiles? The idea might at first seem like an easy and harmless way to streamline your oral care. After all, how much difference can it really make? There are actually several… Read more »

Be Your Child’s Healthy-Smile Role Model

If asked how to ensure your child’s good oral health for years to come, most parents would answer that teaching children to care for their teeth properly is the most effective method. These parents would be correct, yet if that was their only solution, then they would be neglecting an important part of their child’s… Read more »