Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth: Part One

Can you believe it? Your tiny baby is turning one soon! It probably feels like the time has flown by, and now, not only do you have a great milestone to celebrate, you also have a wonderful reminder how important it is to take great care of your child’s first few teeth. At age one, dentists recommend children start visiting the dentist, since regular cleanings can help prevent dental issues before they develop.

When Should Dental Hygiene for Your Child Start?

Many parents underestimate the importance of dental care when it comes to their children’s baby teeth. That could be because many wrongly believe that since baby teeth will eventually fall out, their care is somehow less important.

In actuality, taking great care of both the teeth and gums is important to maintaining a child’s oral health as he or she begins to grow. Even when only a tooth or a few teeth are present, dental care is still vital.

  1. Even before your baby’s first teeth erupt, you should actually start caring for his or her oral health by gently wiping the gums clean after feedings. You can do so with a clean washcloth or a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. This simple act helps prevent baby bottle tooth decay, a common oral health issue that affects many children.
  2. Healthy baby teeth help to preserve a smile’s natural alignment, so that the permanent teeth can come in properly. Without baby teeth the gums are also more likely to become infected.
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