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A Few Changes That Require A Dental Visit

There are some changes that might occur with your child’s smile or dental hygiene routine that aren’t really cause for concern. Things like your child’s first loose tooth, a sudden preference of one particular toothpaste flavor over another, and other shifts are just a natural part of being a kid! However, there are other changes… Read more »

How Good Chewing Manners Promote Oral Health!

Of course, you would love for your children to be the picture of mealtime etiquette! With that said, while guiding your childredn toward good chewing manners (and table manners) in general is certainly a polite thing to do, remember that it’s often also very beneficial for their oral health! To help you feel even more… Read more »

I Can’t Stop Worrying About My Child’s Smile! 

It’s completely understandable. You’ve watched your child grow and develop and you’ve been monitoring those lovely teeth since the very first one arrived! If you tend to be someone who is prone to worry, then worrying about your child’s smile is not out of the ordinary. However, it’s probably exhausting and you are likely well… Read more »

Smile Protection: Things You Shouldn’t Encourage

Of course, there are the obvious things you should absolutely encourage in terms of your child’s smile health! Keeping a scheduled routine for dental hygiene is wonderful, encouraging kids to participate in selecting dental care products for themselves is a good thing, and promoting the decision to eat good-for-your-teeth snacks and meals is smart! With… Read more »

Answers About Calcium, When Dairy Is Off The Table

Calcium. You know that you need it and you know your children need it, too. However, when your lifestyle doesn’t include dairy, you may find yourself wondering if you’re going to be able to provide your child with the nutrition necessary for optimal oral health (and how). Maybe your child is lactose intolerant or has… Read more »

Your Children’s Smile Care And Your Budget

As you have likely noticed, having kids means that your budget has changed! Not only are you caring for your own smile but you have lots more teeth to think about and protect! With that said, you might occasionally find yourself worried about costs associated with your children’s smile care, though you know it’s an… Read more »

Playground Hazards: Helpful Tips To Share

Of course, your kids go wild over the chance to enjoy the playground or anything that could be considered a playground-related activity, piece of equipment, or fun backyard toy. You love that they enjoy playing outdoors and doing physical things, as they use their imaginations! However, what you don’t love is that it seems as… Read more »

Visualize Your Kids’ Adulthood Smiles: What Do You See?

When you visualize the smiles that you hope your children have in adulthood, what do they look like? What are your dreams for your kiddos? Our Dallas, TX team knows that it can be difficult to believe those little ones will eventually be all grown up. However, when you consider what you’d like to be… Read more »

Bad Breath: 3 Things You’re Overlooking

You know that bad breath is not a good sign in terms of your child’s oral health. However, you know that it’s nothing to let yourself become too frantic about either. So, as you stay calm by try to sort out the problem, you may ask yourself: Once you’ve considered the obvious (but you are… Read more »

Remember, Everyone’s A Dental Care Student!

We like to remind the parents of our patients that the journey toward becoming a true master of dental care is a lifelong one! That means, just like your children are just starting to learn how to care for their own smiles, you are still learning, too! So, why is our Dallas, TX team taking… Read more »