Summer Tooth Tips For Kids

Summer vacation means sleeping a little later for some of us, and not being on a regular schedule. While it is great to have a more relaxed pace, don’t let good toothcare habits fall by the wayside. It is still important to nourish your teeth (and body) with a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Keep up with preventive care such as twice yearly checkups. Summer is sports time, so wear a mouthguard if you are playing contact sports. Summer tooth tips help keep your teeth in good shape all year!

Do Teeth Need Sunscreen?

Your teeth will not sunburn, but your lips can. It is a good idea to get in the habit of using a chapstick with sunscreen every day. Not only will it keep your lips from getting dry, but it protects against other kinds of sun damage. Adults who did not regularly use sun protection on their lips have more risk of basal and squamous cell lip changes in adulthood. It is never too early or too late to form the lip protection habit!

Can I Brush Longer, But Just Once a Week?

Sorry, brushing doesn’t work that way! For best brushing habits, teeth should be gently cleaned with a toothbrush, at least twice a day. Plaque forms on your teeth after every meal, and your tooth brushing gently removes it. Plaque that stays in place begins to harden. After about a day, it forms a hard layer called tartar, which must be scraped away in a dentist’s office. When you do a great job with daily brushing, it means not as much scraping for a dental hygienist on regularly scheduled office visits. If you find brushing is boring, try listening to music, humming a favorite song or making funny faces in the mirror while you brush. Maybe you an even create a toothbrush time dance!

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