Why Parents Need Preventive Care Too

Now that fall is almost here, do you find your calendar filling up fast with football games, band practice and a myriad of other school functions? While your kids may require a great deal of your attention and carpooling talents, over the next few months, that doesn’t mean you have to overlook your own needs. In fact, you shouldn’t postpone preventive care for your own smile. Regular dental hygiene and routine checkups are some of the best ways you can preserve your oral health, preventing the need for invasive restorative treatment. Plus, your own excellent oral care helps your kids develop healthy habits that will serve them, and their smiles’, well for many years to come.

Why Hygiene Isn’t Enough

Daily tooth brushing and flossing are certainly important steps in protecting your teeth and gums. Unfortunately these acts are rarely enough to completely prevent plaque buildup from calcifying, creating unsightly tartar buildup. Therefore, while dental hygiene is crucial, it is not an excuse to skip out on professional dental visits.

Routine checkups and cleanings help provide your dentist with a chance to remove any plaque buildup, but also to complete an exam, checking for any burgeoning dental issues such as cavities, in their earliest stages. By catching issues, promptly, the dentist can likely restore your oral health and protect your teeth without the need for more extensive treatment.

Keep in mind that most dentists recommend every patient over one-year-old visit the dentist twice a year to maintain excellent oral health, this goes for both you and your kids.

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