Smile-Friendly Summer Treats the Whole Family Will Love: Part One

During the summer it can be all too tempting to resort to going on runs to grab sweet treats to both fill the time and help you and your children beat the heat. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional trip to the ice cream shop or sno cone stand, over time too much extra sugar can wreak havoc on your smiles. Some iced treats are even dangerous for teeth, as teeth can crack when a person chews on something too hard, like ice. So if you are looking for healthier ways to snack and stay cool with your kids, this summer, consider these smile-friendly and pediatric dentist-approved alternatives to traditional summertime treats!

Enjoy These Cold Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Kids’ Teeth

If your kids love snow cones, but you want to avoid the super sweet syrups that make them popular (and unfortunately can lead to filling-requiring cavities), try offering fruit, straight from the fridge, as a much healthier alternative (and one that won’t cause those dreaded brain freezes). Watermelon, strawberries and grapes are just a few of the many fruits readily available during summer months, and they happen to be popular snow cone flavors, so this is an easy swap. For a little added fun, and a kid-friendly activity, try cutting summer melons into shapes using cookie cutters or create spheres using a melon baller or even an ice cream scoop. Other fun ways to eat cold fruits include on skewers, as fruit kabobs, or in ice cream cones (just opt for varieties with low added sugar).

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