Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy? Part One

Now that your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, your days are probably filled with a mix of pure elation and utter exhaustion. Adjusting to life as a new parent can be exciting, but it can also prove difficult and, at times, overwhelming. Along with learning how to balance work and a dwindling personal life, you also have to learn how to best care for your baby, from developing a feeding and sleeping schedule, to learning what your baby’s body and his or her smile need to remain healthy and to grow strong. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist is there to help guide you in your quest to raise a healthy child with an equally healthy and beautiful smile!

When Does Dental Hygiene Need to Begin for Your Baby?

Even babies with no visible teeth still need help caring for their oral health. That is because baby bottle tooth decay is a common problem facing many young babies; it is caused by prolonged exposure to sugars, such as those found in natural breast milk and formulas. After your child is born, you should begin gently wiping his or her gums clean, using a clean washcloth or even a moist piece of gauze. This is especially important after feedings.

As your baby grows, you should continue to clean the gums regularly with a clean, damp cloth, until your child’s first tooth erupts.

It’s also important to never put your baby to bed with anything other than water, as prolonged exposure to beverages and foods, including formula, can lead to early decay.

Around your child’s first birthday, you should also schedule his or her first dental checkup with a pediatric dentist.

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