Is It Really Possible to Raise Kids That Eat Well?: Part Two

Does getting your kids to eat well-balanced meals feel like an ongoing struggle, or worse, an uphill battle you’re not sure you’ll ever really win? If so, you may have grown exhausted having the same discussion/disagreement every evening, about what goes on your kids’ dinner plates, and how much of it they actually need to consume. Your pediatric dentist knows all too well the importance of serving your kids healthy foods, but also understands how difficult that can be. Fortunately, there are several creative and effective ways to help get your kids on board, and even excited, about eating foods that will do their smiles and their bodies good!

Fun Ways to Help Your Whole Family Eat Better

Getting creative can sometimes help picky eaters overcome their perceived distaste for healthy ingredients. For instance, you could try to introduce new ingredients to them within foods they already know they enjoy.

  • You could substitute ground turkey meat instead of beef in next week’s spaghetti, and see if they notice the difference. If they love fried rice, try substituting cauliflower rice which provides a similar texture, but with even more nutrients.
  • Sneaking a few veggies into meals can also be surprisingly easy, by finding recipes that add chopped vegetables directly into hamburger patties, taco meat, etc.
  • Your kids might be surprised to learn they actually do like onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and/or fresh tomatoes, when they’re being presented on a delicious slice of homemade, whole wheat pizza. Better yet, as your kids’ palettes develop, allow them to create their own pizzas, tacos and other beloved foods, using healthy ingredients!
  • When all else fails, there are even sneakier ways for parents to help ensure their kids are getting the nutrients they need! For instance, it is possible to substitute fruits and vegetables for some of the fat in many baked goods. You can also find smoothie recipes that mix the beloved flavor of fruits, with the nutrients of green vegetables.
  • Another fun way to help teach your kids about the importance of a healthy diet, and to begin expanding their tastes, is by involving them in both your grocery shopping and meal prep. This can make them feel more invested in their own health, and more excited about trying new things!
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