Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier Foods

Does it feel like a nightmare, or at least a very trying task, attempting to get your kids interested in eating healthier foods than sugary cereals, cookies and cupcakes? Even when you try to withhold desserts or candies as a bribe that can only be enjoyed after they have eaten their healthier foods, does it seem they have no interest in consuming their veggies? Many parents face a metaphorical uphill battle, when trying to convince their children of the importance of proper nutrition. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to feel that way. To better protect your kids’ health and their smiles, why not consider these simple tricks for helping them eat a more balanced, nutritious, diet?

Provide Them with Delicious, Nutritious Options

As a parent seeking to set a good example and to help your kids develop healthy habits (while avoiding dental problems that require restorative treatment), it is important to keep in mind that not all packaged foods are obviously sweet, but they can still be filled with large amounts of sweeteners in the form of high fructose corn syrup, honey, molasses, sucrose, etc., all of which can be bad for your kids’ dental health.

  • Making foods, yourself, instead of relying on premade dinners or dishes is one easy way to reduce the sugar your whole family consumes. Better yet, make meal prep a family activity, so your kids can learn to cook for themselves.
  • Begin with healthy swaps, that can drastically cut the added sugar your kids are consuming. For example, leftover baked chicken is a great swap for lunchmeat on a yummy sandwich, and homemade, veggie-filled pasta is a more nutritious take on boxed macaroni.
  • If your kids aren’t crazy about some vegetables, don’t give up hope. Keep trying new varieties until you find several they like.
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