Are You Setting a Good Dental Example?

Do you ever worry that your kids are picking up bad habits from you? Whether it is an over dependence on sweetened sodas or other habits that may someday affect your kids’ own health, most parents realize that one of the best ways to teach their kids to take great care of themselves, is by setting a good example in how they treat their own bodies, and their smiles. Sadly, many parents don’t follow through on the same dental care they try to teach their kids. If you truly want to set a great example for your kids, don’t forget to care for your teeth and gums the way the pediatric dentist ordered.

Do Your Kids See You Caring for Your Own Teeth?

One simple way to lead by example, where oral health is concerned, is by committing to brush your teeth at last twice a day, and to floss once a day, without fail. Numerous studies have indicated that most adults admit to flossing only occasionally or not at all. Beat these odds, and teach your kids the importance of dental hygiene, by making sure you’re caring for your own smile with brushing and flossing.

Are You Making Healthy Dietary Choices?

Everything you eat and drink will impact your oral health, either positively or negatively. One of the best ways to care for your smile, then, is to make mostly positive dietary choices. While the occasional treat likely won’t hurt you or your smile, if you are overindulging in sugary treats, acidic beverages, now is a great time to cut back, and to talk to your kids about why you are doing so. Better yet, make it a priority, as a family, to limit your sugar intake and to eat and drink healthy items. You might be shocked how much better your next dental checkups go, by sticking to a well-balanced diet!

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