Are Missing Teeth A Big Deal?

When it comes to an open space in your little one’s smile, this is often regarded as cute and a simple fact of growing up. Keep in mind, this is only the case when the opening is the result of a missing baby tooth making room for a permanent tooth. However, what happens if we have removed a permanent tooth due to infection – or if your child’s smile is simply missing a permanent tooth that failed to develop? Allow us to explain why replacing the tooth is important and how we can help your little one avoid problems with dental care.

Why Your Child Needs A Full Smile

If a tooth is missing, your child will struggle with both hygiene-related and functional problems. You see, a missing tooth can result in difficulty with daily dental care because the opening provides a tiny trap for food and bacteria. Keeping the area consistently clean and comfortable becomes frustrating. As for functional concerns, the opening may provide a space into which remaining permanent teeth may shift – this can lead to significant misalignment. An opening in a smile may also disrupt the balance of your child’s smile, which may lead to problems like TMJ disorder (problems with jaw joint function) or even bruxism (chronic teeth grinding or clenching).

What To Do

Keep up with your child’s dental care, which includes twice-annual checkups and cleanings with us. During your child’s dental visits, we will monitor the development of your child’s smile. If the need for extraction arises – or we discover your child will not develop a permanent tooth – we will quickly explain the concern and your options. We will then refer you to a trusted prosthodontist, a specialist in creating prosthetic teeth to restore your child’s complete smile.

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