Preventing A Broken Tooth

One of the things you want to avoid as a parent is damage to your child’s smile, including everything from small chips to the need for dental fillings. While certain things – like accidental falls – are out of your control, there’s a good deal that remains within your control when it comes to avoid a broken or seriously chipped tooth. Allow us to offer up some suggestions, so you feel less anxious about keeping your little one’s smile intact and just as adorable as it has always been. Don’t worry – the guidelines are quite simple and very effective.

Agree To Fillings Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that leads to a broken tooth is the decision to put off a dental filling. If we detect that your child’s tooth is suffering from tooth decay, we sill suggest a filling because it stops the progression of decay, which then stops the cavity from becoming any larger. We will fill the opening to restore your child’s tooth’s structure. Ignore this need and the tooth becomes more and more fragile, more likely to break, and more likely to become infected.

Consider Mouth Guards

Does your child play any type of sports or enjoy consistent athletic activities? If so, your little one’s smile is at risk of damage. Whether it’s another child’s elbow, a bat, a ball, or any other unexpected mishap, a tooth can easily become knocked out or damaged. Rather than leave teeth exposed to damage, we suggest considering sports mouth guards to protect teeth. Just like with dental fillings, acting with a bit of preventive effort can save your child’s teeth from serious damage.

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