Check Your Child’s Brushing

Whether you have a young tot who is learning to brush his teeth for the first time or teenage girls who seem like seasoned pros, it is important that you monitor brushing habits. While we would all like to assume our children develop exceptional dental hygiene. However, as new skills develop, younger patients often overlook particular aspects of tooth brushing or they simply rush through the process because it’s certainly not on the top of the priority list. Consider some potential mishaps to watch for to make sure your children are getting the most out of their brushing sessions.

Are They Pressing Too Hard?

You need only a light hand when brushing your teeth. Take a look at your child’s brushing habits. If your son or daughter seems to be pressing with a lot of force, let your child know that it doesn’t take much to clean one’s teeth. Gentle pressure is actually best.

Are They Cleaning All Surfaces?

Did you catch your child brushing the front, visible surfaces of his or her teeth, spitting, and thenputting the toothbrush away? Remind your little ones that good dental hygiene requires them to brush every tooth surface, including the tissue just beneath the gumline. Brush with them to show them how to hit every tooth and every surface of each tooth.

How’s The Brushing Time?

We often see teenagers rushing through brushing sessions, which can become extremely problematic if your child is wearing braces. Do everyone a favor and find a way to time the brushing sessions without it feeling like punishment. Purchase a cool looking hourglass set for two minutes or set up a song that lasts about that time, so your children brush for a satisfactory period of time for excellent dental hygiene.

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