Have a Cavity? How a Tooth-colored Filling Can Help

Whether it is you or your child that has developed a cavity, you probably already know that it’s time to see the dentist. Prompt restorative treatment is important with dental issues, because it helps stop decay and prevent worsening issues like an infection or even the need for an extraction. But what you may not realize is that a filling no longer means unsightly metal. Tooth-colored fillings provide a safe and more esthetically-pleasing restoration, compared to metal fillings, so that you, or your child, can smile both comfortably and confidently!

What Makes Resin Fillings Particularly Beneficial?

Metal fillings were long considered standard, but they do pose some problems. First, they’re not safe for patients with metal allergies, and many experience uncomfortable sensitivity to hot or cold foods because of metal’s high conductivity. They can also cause insecurity due to their noticeable addition to a smile.

Tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin, on the other hand, are often favorable for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Composite resin bonds well with teeth, creating a tight seal, which can help prevent further decay or even an infection
  • The material is made to closely match existing teeth, creating a nearly seamless restoration
  • Resin is not very conductive, which means it doesn’t affect people as they eat and drink the way that metal often does

Why Are Fillings Necessary?

A cavity causes sensitivity, discomfort or pain because the enamel has eroded away, revealing the more sensitive dentin layer beneath it. To eliminate the discomfort, a dentist can thoroughly clean the tooth, but he or she also needs to seal it against continued erosion and bacteria, which could cause an infection.

A tooth-colored filling provides a simple way to protect the fragile tooth, and to improve the appearance of the smile. But in the case of more extreme damage, a dental crown may be required, as it can provide even more security from further wear.

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