Help Your Kids Get the Dental Care They Need, Fear Free

Education is often the easiest and most effective way to help kids overcome their fears. From being scared of the big diving board at camp, to worrying she’ll never be able to properly use a butter knife, chances are high that you have already helped your kids conquer a number of fears that once held them back from enjoying a day in the sun, or a delicious, self-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The question is, have you helped them overcome their dental fears? If not, one of the best things you can do for them, is simply to teach them why dental checkups are important, and also that there really is nothing to fear, when it comes to visiting their pediatric dentist!

Overcoming Common Concerns

For kids that have never been to the dentist, they may base their expectations and potential fears largely on what they’ve seen portrayed in TV shows or other media, or even what they’ve heard from you or other adults they know.

While, hopefully, these demonstrations and stories have been positive and encouraging, it’s likely they may have heard a few stories about root canals gone wrong, or other poor experiences at a dentist’s office.

As a parent, it’s helpful to talk positively about the dentist. Explain to your kids the important ways a dentist can help protect their smiles, such as removing plaque buildup so as to avoid painful cavities, and also applying sealants, which can help keep those pretty pearly whites your kids have shiny and healthy.

You can also explain that dentists are highly trained, and work hard to provide treatment that is comfortable for their patients. Watching videos or reading books designed to educate children about dental care, especially dental visits, can be especially helpful, particularly leading up to a dental checkup or cleaning.

Don’t underestimate what some positive reinforcement can do for calming any concerns your kids might have previously had. It can also help them develop positive expectations for the experience.

Just remember, choosing a well-respected pediatric dentist helps ensure your kids have an educational and even enjoyable first (or second, third, etc.) dental visit, so that they can grow up without dental anxiety caused by an unnecessarily bad or scary visit!

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