Got Questions? Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Part One

Is your child is facing a dental problem? Is that causing you stress because you are not sure what to do about it? Or, do you struggle with knowing just how to best care for your children’s smiles as they begin to grow? If so, don’t be afraid to speak with your pediatric dentist. He or she is a great asset when it comes to helping your kids develop great dental habits, and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. A little knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to preventive care!

Is tooth sensitivity normal?

While some tooth sensitivity is normal, particularly when enjoying extremely hot or cold foods or drinks, heightened sensitivity is frequently a warning sign of a cavity. If your child is complaining about discomfort while eating, it is best to schedule a dental appointment to make sure there is not a cavity forming. If there is a cavity, the dentist may recommend a dental filling to protect the tooth and to minimize the discomfort.

Do children with only their baby teeth still require frequent dental checkups?

Yes. After the age of one, every child needs to attend regular preventive checkups and cleanings. This means scheduling appointments every six months to maintain their oral health. Even when only a few teeth are present, your child’s smile is still at risk of developing issues like dental decay or gum disease. So don’t skip out on regular appointments, even when a few baby teeth are all that are present.

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