Celebrate This Easter with Smile-Friendly Treats

With Easter just around the corner, are you busy making last-minute plans to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with goodies, and their holiday with glee? If so, it can be tempting to fill the basket with chocolates and other candies. Sweet treats are readily available, inexpensive, and most kids love them, which explains why they’re considered gift staples in many households. Unfortunately, all that sugar can have a negative impact on kids’ teeth! In fact, sugar is a main contributor to the development of cavities, which can require restorative treatment. So, if you would like to elicit smiles without endangering them, this Easter season, here are some great alternatives to sweets that won’t pose harm to those precious smiles!

Great Gift Ideas for Your Boys and Girls

Whether your kids will be hunting for eggs in the yard, or opening pre-filled baskets on Easter morning, it is possible to give them great gifts that don’t involve sugar.

Small toys are popular choices for young kids. This could include games, puzzles, yo-yo’s, action figures, coloring books and more. Stickers and temporary tattoos are also fun for kids of most ages. You could even choose ones made to decorate eggs with, for a fun Easter-day activity!

For older kids, a new phone case, headphones, or other accessory for their favorite electronics are great choices. Art supplies, music gear, or other hobby-related items are also great for teens with unique interests.

Of course, there are edible options as well, that are healthier than sugar-laden candy. Low-sodium crackers, single serve peanut butter cups, no-sugar added fruit snacks, or even sugar-free gum are all great choices.

Just remember, if you do choose to give your kids candy, it’s best to have them eat a serving of candy at one time, and then brush their teeth immediately afterwards. This can help remove the sugar quickly from the surface of the teeth, before it has time to develop acidity, which can help ensure their next checkup goes smoothly and their smiles remain healthy.

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