Does Your Child Need a Dental Crown?

You might think that restorative dental crowns are only necessary for adults. But crowns can actually be incredibly helpful for kids with dental issues, as well. Crowns are generally used to help protect damaged teeth, often helping to prevent infection, or worse, the need for an extraction. Though often associated with permanent teeth, dental crowns can even be used to protect damaged baby teeth, which can be helpful in allowing the permanent teeth to grow in safely and in a more proper alignment. So if your child is in need of restorative dental treatment, because of a dental issue like a cavity, trauma or some other problem, be open to the possibility of a dental crown, as a form of restoration.

When Is a Crown the Answer?

Dental crowns are frequently used after a severe cavity. Because a damaged tooth is vulnerable to infection, which could ultimately require an extraction, a protective barrier is needed to stop the decay and prevent bacteria from entering into the tooth.

Crowns are excellent because they tightly seal the area, while being able to bear the brunt of a person’s chewing. Many pediatric dentists recommend steel crowns because of their strength and longevity.

In the case of damaged baby teeth, a crown may be used to help keep the tooth in place until the permanent tooth begins to erupt. This can help make sure the permanent tooth has a chance to grow in properly, which can become more difficult when a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to a severe dental problem or trauma.

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