Your child’s teeth support healthy, effective chewing and clear speaking. When a tooth becomes severely damaged as a result of problems like tooth decay or injury, the aftermath can result in discomfort and frustration. Rather than removing a tooth that can otherwise remain healthy with a little extra protection and support, we offer children’s dental crowns to restore your little one’s tooth.

About Dental Crowns

A crown is a hollow, artificial tooth that we will permanently cement over the damaged tooth. We provide stainless steel crowns (SSC) that offer your child’s load-bearing teeth extraordinary strength. Commonly referred to as a “cap” because of the way it fits over a tooth, the SSC will be shaped to fit your child’s tooth for a secure fit and a comfortable bite.

Why Your Child Needs A Crown

Your child may have a severe cavity, may have undergone root canal treatment, or may have broken a tooth. The crown protects the tooth, prevents bacteria from entering, and offers structural support to promote the following:

  • Effective chewing
  • Proper speech development
  • Protection of baby teeth, which act as guides for soon-to-erupt permanent teeth
  • Placing a crown may protect the tooth, allowing your child to avoid the need for a tooth extraction

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