Are Your Kids Really Caring for Their Smiles? Part One

Every parent knows the basic tricks to monitoring their kids’ dental hygiene, like checking to make sure the toothbrushes are wet, before trusting that their kids actually brushed their teeth when they said they did. Still many parents wonder what else they could do to ensure their kids’ smiles are getting the oral care they need. If you are one of those concerned parents, your pediatric dentist has a number of tips for making sure the smiles you love stay healthy for many years to come.

What Should Your Kids Be Doing to Care for Their Dental Health?

Wondering if your kids are doing all they can to keep those pearly whites healthy and shining? If so, the following questions can help determine if there’s more that could be done to maintain their great oral health.

Kids should brush their teeth at least twice a day.

Most people still believe that brushing their teeth twice a day is sufficient. However, dentists now recommend that most people could actually benefit from a third brushing.

Though your school-aged children may not have a chance to brush their teeth after lunch, they could and likely should do so when they return home. In fact, you should consider implementing tooth brushing time immediately following their after-school snacks.

Brushing teeth shortly after eating limits how much time the bacteria in the mouth can feed on leftover food particles. Therefore brushing can help reduce the chance of plaque buildup, which can lead to both cavities and gum disease.

If you want to avoid the need for dental fillings, having your kids brush their teeth three times a day can help.

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