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Dental Care: Simple, Positive Affirmations To Help Kids Feel Good!

Rest assured, our Dallas, TX team understands that when you’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain to a young child (or a teenager!) about why dental hygiene is so important, it can really take a lot out of you. However, when you give yourself time to rest and recover from what can feel… Read more »

3 Things To Try To Avoid (So You Enjoy Visits)

It’s possible that your child has absolutely no qualms whatsoever about coming in for a dental checkup with us, which is absolutely wonderful! However, we often notice that it’s sometimes Mom or Dad who isn’t having a very relaxing experience. We know that bringing your child in for pediatric dental care at our Dallas, TX… Read more »

It’s Official: D Magazine 2018 Best Dentist In Dallas!

If you keep up with us, you may remember that we mentioned back in May 2018 that we were in the running for this year’s honor as a D Magazine Best Dentist in Dallas for 2018. We are so thrilled to announce that we have been selected! For those of you with subscriptions, you can… Read more »

Using A Life-Like Filling To Restore Your Child’s Tooth

How should you respond if your child suffers a cavity? This can be a real concern – tooth decay can cause real problems, even if the tooth in question is a baby tooth that will come out on its own. Cavities can be painful, and if they go untreated, complications with your child’s dental health… Read more »

Making Sure Your Child Has A Great First Visit Experience

Every patient should be able to enjoy a dental treatment experience where they feel safe and secure, in addition to feeling great about their oral health care. A person’s overall comfort at the dentist’s office can be shaped by their earliest appointments, which is why these initial meetings are so important. At your Dallas, TX… Read more »

Smile Changes And Care: Now What?

As long as your children’s smiles remain the same, you can rely on the fact that you know how to provide dental care for them. You know what they should be doing in front of their bathroom sinks, so you can watch them, clean your teeth with them, or simply check in on their habits… Read more »

Your Dental Visits: Tips For The Car Ride Over

If your kids absolutely love coming in for dental visits, then you don’t really need to worry about the car ride over. Perhaps your little ones are already accustomed to professional dental care, so heading in for a cleaning and checkup is no biggie! However, if there’s any aspect of this experience that causes your… Read more »

D Magazine Best Dentist 2018: Stay Tuned!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we were the recipient of last year’s honor by D Magazine as a 2017 Best Dentist in Dallas! We would like to take just a moment to remind you that this year’s results will be announced in the August 2018 issue and we hope… Read more »

Making Your Infant Feel Safe And Secure At Their First Visit

Your own dental visits may keep a straightforward focus on your oral health needs, but pediatric dental care can require a slightly different approach. Of course, your pediatric dentist is committed to protecting the health of your child’s smile, but they also need to make sure they create an environment that feels safe and supportive…. Read more »

We’re Here For Your Kids When…

You may love knowing that you have found a pediatric dental practice that promises complete care for little ones (and your teens, too). However, that doesn’t mean you can quickly rattle off the different ways we are here for your children when they need dental care. As a result, you may even overlook some services… Read more »