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Smile Reminders: As The Holidays Draw Near 

You know that as the holiday season draws nearer and nearer, there are probably some things that we have to say about your child’s smile. If you really concentrate and put your mind to it, you’re guessing that there are some details you would be able to conjure up on your own in terms of… Read more »

Reminders: Why Seeing A Pediatric Dentist Is An Awesome Plan!

You have your dentist for grownups, so you figure: Maybe you’ll just bring your children to your practice. After all, they say that they will perform a cleaning and checkup and that they can certainly offer things like fillings, if necessary. However, you then think to yourself: Is it a better idea to bring the… Read more »

When Your Teen Wants A Whiter Smile

Your little kids probably don’t think too much about the way their teeth look. They’re more focused on how quickly they can get through brushing and flossing, whether or not they get toothpaste in the flavor they really like, and so on. However, when those kiddos become teenagers, suddenly new concerns pop up. Today, our… Read more »

In Case You Have Questions About Your Kid’s Teeth

Teaching children to brush and floss their teeth is an important first step in helping them learn to properly care for their smiles. However, it’s only a first step. For children to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles, they also require routine professional care and education about their unique oral health concerns. At our… Read more »

Autumn: Lip Care Changes To Implement Right Now

Technically, it’s autumn at the moment. However, in Dallas, TX, it feels like summer is still hanging around and not too interested in saying goodbye. With that said, our team reminds you of something you know all too well: The temperature drop will suddenly happen and with the colder weather, you may immediately find your… Read more »

Hello, Autumn! Hello, End Of Year Smile Care! 

We know that it feels like your kids just started back at school. We know that it’s still shockingly warm outside in our Dallas, TX community. However, the calendar tells us that it is officially fall. So, with that said, we welcome in the autumn season! As a result, our team also feels compelled to… Read more »

A Few Changes That Require A Dental Visit

There are some changes that might occur with your child’s smile or dental hygiene routine that aren’t really cause for concern. Things like your child’s first loose tooth, a sudden preference of one particular toothpaste flavor over another, and other shifts are just a natural part of being a kid! However, there are other changes… Read more »

We’re So Honored: The D Magazine 2019 Best Dentist Distinction! 

Did you know that each year, D Magazine announces Best Dentist distinctions in our Dallas, TX community? We are beyond pleased to announce that we have been selected as a best dentist for 2019 (an honor we are also very proud to have held for 2018 and 2017, as well!). Curious about how this works?… Read more »

Baby Tooth Removal: Extremely Important Reminders

Of course, you probably always imagined the exciting experience of looking on, as your child’s baby teeth fell out one by one and that is probably what you’ll end up getting to do! With that said, however, it is always possible for the unexpected to show up. Perhaps your child ends up with an accidentally… Read more »

FAQs From Parents: About Preventive Dental Visits

You may have scheduled and attended dental appointments for yourself many, many times in your life, none of which managed to cause you any sort of anxiety. However, you may also find that as you’re scheduling your child’s preventive dental visits, you’re suddenly feeling somewhat (or very) nervous, you’re full of questions, and you feel… Read more »