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Think Of Dental Checkups As Check-Ins!

We know that while your child may feel perfectly wonderful about dental checkups if you’ve been using a very positive approach, that doesn’t mean you actually feel like everything’s perfectly wonderful when your child’s visit is coming up. Instead, if you’re a parent who experiencing any type of anxiety about your child’s wellbeing (so, just… Read more »

When Your Child Needs Care: 2 Time Wasters To Avoid

We know that as a parent, you try to do what you can to fit everything that needs to get done into one day. As a result, you may find that you are often quite good at identifying “time savers” that help you squeeze a few extra minutes out of each day, so you can… Read more »

Try Out Plaque HD For Even Cleaner Teeth!

You make sure your kids brush every day, twice a day, and you might even be really serious about timing those sessions. Of course, you make sure your kids floss, as well. While you cannot tell for sure, you assume this is removing most of the plaque from your little ones’ smiles, so you try… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: Take Just A Moment To Feel Grateful!

It’s not always easy keeping up with every last detail that your child needs, not to mention adding on considering your little one’s wants! So, when the day is through, your brain may tend to focus primarily on things that need fixing, concerns, your to-do list, and that can make just about anything (including your… Read more »

Laughing Gas: A Few Things You May Like To Know

Learning about the dental sedation options you may select for your child’s dental care is something that can cause mixed emotions for you. Of course, it’s a relief to know that you can help your child feel nice and cozy and calm during treatments. On the other hand, there are so many types of sedation… Read more »

Smile Time: Easy Tips For Weekend Catch-Up

During the week, there’s so much going on! By the time Friday rolls around, you may realize you meant to call us to schedule your child’s dental visit, you planned on researching electric toothbrushes but it didn’t happen, or you meant to call us with a question but you totally forgot (while you were doing… Read more »

Helping You Recognize What We’re Checking Up On During Checkups

Part of you may shrug your shoulders and think, “Okay, I guess we’ll go in for a dental checkup but I’m not really sure why it’s time for another one!” We understand. You’re busy. Your child’s smile looks fine. Nobody is complaining. So, why do you have to come in for a children’s dental exam… Read more »

Your “Why” Questions About Tooth Extractions

If you have “why” questions about tooth extractions, it is a perfectly reasonable collection of inquiries to end up with. When we tell you that we need to remove your child’s tooth, you wonder an awful lot about a ton of different things. Don’t keep them to yourself. Bring them to our Dallas, TX team’s… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: 3 Ways We Can Absolutely Help You

Of course, if you’ve been visiting our pediatric dental practice in Dallas, TX for any length of time, you know that we have your child’s best interest at heart! You know, as well, that we are here for children from the time they’re babies through their 18th year on this planet! What you may still… Read more »

Hey, That’s Not My Dentist: Who Is It?

When you get used to bringing your children into our practice and you become accustomed to seeing one pediatric dentist, you may find yourself occasionally wondering: Hey! That other person isn’t my dentist but she certainly looks like a dentist. Who is she? This lovely individual you are seeing is none other than our associate… Read more »