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Ways to Make Dental Care More Fun for Your Kids: Part Two

Helping your kids take great care of their teeth is an important responsibility, one that shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth! After all, brushing and flossing are simple and painless tasks. They shouldn’t seem otherwise, just because you are a parent! Even dental checkups are nothing to be afraid of, and the sooner you can teach… Read more »

Ways to Make Dental Care More Fun for Your Kids: Part One

Does convincing your kids to brush their teeth each night before bed feel more like torture than responsible parenthood? Are you tired of having the same dental hygiene debate every morning before they head out the door for school? Fortunately your pediatric dentist has lots of helpful ways to make dental hygiene more fun for… Read more »

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Kids

You may already be planning to show your kids how much you care, this Valentine’s Day, by giving them special gifts or even throwing a small party. But February isn’t just about celebrating Cupid’s arrival. It is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, an opportunity the American Dental Association hopes parents will take to teach… Read more »

Are Missing Teeth A Big Deal?

When it comes to an open space in your little one’s smile, this is often regarded as cute and a simple fact of growing up. Keep in mind, this is only the case when the opening is the result of a missing baby tooth making room for a permanent tooth. However, what happens if we… Read more »

3 Benefits Of Structured Dental Care

Before you had children, were you the type of person to keep a regular routine on a daily basis? Or, did you enjoy a more organic way of moving through your daily life? Regardless of your personal preference for yourself, you will often hear that providing your child with structure – particularly in areas like… Read more »

FAQs: Children’s Dentistry

Finally, you have time off from work and your children are out of school for a spell. You also have time to focus on those millions of details that seem to fall through the cracks during your usual very busy schedule. If one of those details includes the dental care your child receives, we hope… Read more »

Are Kids More Likely to Have Cavities?

As a parent, is it natural to worry about how often your children brush and floss their teeth, or how much candy they consume. Besides the discomfort and risks of childhood cavities, treating the decay that causes them might sometimes prove extensive. Because they have not yet mastered the art of good hygiene, kids may… Read more »

Make The Most Of 2015

Here comes 2016! You will get to celebrate with a clean slate, your child will have another birthday, and you will have tons of new memories to make. What you may have overlooked as you prepare your winter holiday shopping list is that, as we wrap up 2015, your benefits will not be extending into… Read more »

Compassionate Pediatric Dentistry

As you can clearly see, we love Halloween and getting into the celebratory spirit. One of the most exciting aspects of working with children is their immediate appreciation and enjoyment of the magical qualities in life. From lighting up when they see us in costume to telling us all about their Halloween plans, the holidays… Read more »

Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals: Don’t Wait!

When we suggest a restorative treatment for your child, you may find yourself feeling somewhat conflicted. Your instinct may be to run quickly with your little one in tow. We understand – most parents are worried about protecting the comfort of their children. First things first, keep in mind that we share this priority with… Read more »