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What Makes Pediatric Dentists Special?

Do you sometimes wonder if you should simply take your children to a general dentist, who can also care for you and your spouse’s smiles? The idea might at first seem like an easy and harmless way to streamline your oral care. After all, how much difference can it really make? There are actually several… Read more »

Are Your Kids Really Caring for Their Smiles? Part Two

As a parent, you care a great deal about your kids’ health, and that certainly extends to their smiles. That’s why you struggle to get green vegetables off their plates and into their bodies, and why you consistently make sure they’re brushing their teeth. But do you sometimes worry that you should be doing more,… Read more »

Simple, Kid-Friendly Tips for Great Oral Health

Are you worried about your kids’ dental health? Have they been prone to cavities in the past, or have you seen plaque buildup forming on the front of their teeth, lately? If so, there are great preventive steps that can be taken to care for those precious smiles, including many you have likely already taught… Read more »

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry? Part One

Has your son recently begun complaining about tooth pain? Does your daughter whine, while brushing her teeth, that it hurts to do so? Did you notice your son threw away most of his last ice cream cone, even though the flavor is his favorite? Have you seen your daughter holding the side of her mouth,… Read more »

Be Your Child’s Healthy-Smile Role Model

If asked how to ensure your child’s good oral health for years to come, most parents would answer that teaching children to care for their teeth properly is the most effective method. These parents would be correct, yet if that was their only solution, then they would be neglecting an important part of their child’s… Read more »

Worried About Your Kids’ Smiles? Teach Them Great Dental Care

Do you feel like it’s an almost daily struggle to get your kids to take proper care of their teeth? If so, you are not alone. Many parents get frustrated while trying to teach their kids proper oral hygiene, which could explain the troubling statistics surrounding children oral health in this country. According to the… Read more »

Does Your Does Your Child Need Emergency Dentistry? Part One

Emergency situations are never fun, particularly as a parent. It’s hard to see your child suffering, regardless of the cause or situation. Fortunately when it comes to dental emergencies, there are often some simple steps you can take to help care for your child and keep him or her calm. You can also increase the… Read more »

Keep Those Precious Smiles Healthy with Preventive Care

You probably fell in love with your kids’ smile the first time they made a toothless grin, and you have likely loved seeing every new development since. As teeth come in and fall out, you only love those precious smiles more. So of course you want to make sure that your kids have healthy teeth… Read more »

Avoid Cavities This Year with Simple Preventive Care: Part One

Want to know how to help your kids avoid cavities this year? If so, your pediatric dentist can help. While most children and adults will experience cavities at one point or another, they are preventable with excellent dental hygiene and regular professional checkups. Of course, smart dietary choices can help reduce the risk of developing… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Help Correct Your Kid’s Smile?

Many parents don’t realize that adults aren’t the only ones that may require restorative dental treatment. Even children whose permanent teeth have not yet fully erupted, may struggle with issues like a dental cavity, or worse, an infection. In some cases the dentist may recommend a root canal, or a pulpotomy. But in many cases… Read more »