Category: Children’s Dental Services

Protecting Your Child From Tooth Decay

There’s just something about finding out your child’s teeth are healthy and free of cavities during a checkup that fills you with joy and relief. However, there’s also something about avoiding dental fillings that often causes parents to wonder if they’ve been lucky or if there’s anything else they can do to protect a child’s smiles from… Read more »

Extractions And Misalignment: Learn More

Have you recently been told that your child needs a dental extraction but there is nothing wrong with your son or daughter’s tooth? The next question you should ask yourself is whether your child has good or not-so-wonderful alignment. This refers to the way your little one’s top and bottom teeth and jaws align –… Read more »

Making Brush Time Fun

Are you wondering if there’s something you can do to make toothbrushing time a fun experience rather than something your child views as a chore? Your intentions, of course, are to assist your child in enjoying the very thing that will keep his or her smile clean and healthy for a lifetime – but how… Read more »

Answering Your Questions About Digital X-Rays

You are probably certain that we incorporate a visual exam into your child’s dental checkup to make sure everything looks healthy and free of changes. However, have you spent any time wondering how we approach viewing the more intricate details of your little one’s oral cavity? Wonder no more – we complete a thorough exam with… Read more »

Your Questions About Tooth Infections

Whether or not you have every experienced a tooth infection of your own, you are likely aware that infections within most parts of the body may lead to uncomfortable side effects. The same is true for your child’s tooth – once infected, the interior tissue that lines the body and roots (called dental pulp) becomes… Read more »

Checklist For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is your top priority and ours as well. However, you may find that along the way, you begin wondering if there’s some sort of special combination of factors that best protects your child’s oral health. The good news is that there actually is a pretty straightforward three-step process… Read more »

IV Sedation 101

Adults and children alike commonly receive different types of sedation dentistry for a variety of treatments. Some patients prefer sedation for everything from checkups to fillings, while others rely on added relaxation for more complex procedures. As for your child, we are always open to discussing the full gamut of sedation solutions to promote consistently tranquil… Read more »

Oral Sedation 101

When it comes to helping your child achieve a greater state of relaxation, we offer sedation dentistry solutions like oral sedation. While you may like the idea of helping your son or daughter feel a bit more at ease for particular treatments, such as fillings or root canals, we understand that you may have some questions…. Read more »

About Sedation Dentistry for Your Child

Preparing your child for a dental visit likely comes with an intense desire on your part to provide your little one with great comfort. This may include emotional comfort or even physical comfort. We would like to remind you that we feel the same way about our pediatric patients – one of the greatest ways… Read more »

Should Your Child Be Flossing?

Preventive dentistry for children and adults includes brushing and flossing at home, in addition to six-month dental visits. If you have been wondering about whether your child needs to be incorporating dental floss into his or her daily routine, we are happy you are so concerned with best home practices. The answer is a definitive,… Read more »