Category: Children’s Dental Services

About Sedation Dentistry for Your Child

Preparing your child for a dental visit likely comes with an intense desire on your part to provide your little one with great comfort. This may include emotional comfort or even physical comfort. We would like to remind you that we feel the same way about our pediatric patients – one of the greatest ways… Read more »

Should Your Child Be Flossing?

Preventive dentistry for children and adults includes brushing and flossing at home, in addition to six-month dental visits. If you have been wondering about whether your child needs to be incorporating dental floss into his or her daily routine, we are happy you are so concerned with best home practices. The answer is a definitive,… Read more »

Reasons For Tooth Extractions

You may find yourself feeling nervous when we suggest a tooth extraction to protect your child’s oral health. One of the first questions that may pop into your mind is likely, “Why does my child need an extraction?” followed by, “Isn’t there some other treatment?” Keep in mind, we only suggest extractions when other restorative… Read more »

Why Fillings Are So Important

If you have the sneaking desire to postpone your child’s dental filling, we would like to reassure you that we suggestion restorative treatments when they are absolutely necessary. When it comes to fillings, we understand that parents may feel hesitant, particularly out of a desire to protect their child’s comfort. The good news is that fillings… Read more »

Reasons to Feel Good About Root Canals

One of the not-so-great moments in your life may include receiving the suggestion for your child to receive a root canal. We understand that this may come as quite a shock and that this restorative treatment may seem like something you would like to protect your child from experiencing. However, we would like you to… Read more »

Helping Your Kids Feel Good About Dental Care

Before you even bring your child to his or her first dental appointment, you may find yourself faced with the experience of explaining your little one’s upcoming appointment. You may have some hesitation because what you want to do is to make sure your child feels relaxed and happy about the dental visit and all… Read more »

Dislodged Tooth: What To Do

One of the not-so-lovely facts of life is that teeth can become dislodged, particularly in the case of a serious impact to one’s face. Though we feel hopeful you never have to experience witnessing your child losing a tooth this way, kids have a tendency to have minor accidents or sudden run-ins with other kids… Read more »

Common Concerns: Answering Pediatric Dentistry Questions

Sometimes the biggest questions you face regarding your child’s dental care are the simplest in nature. For instance, trying to decide when to begin providing your child with dental checkups can be quite confusing, particularly if this is your first baby. The good news is that all of our patients have parents dealing with the… Read more »

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

You know that a crown is a hollow, artificial structure shaped to cover your child’s damaged or weak back teeth. You may not know, however, why this restorative treatment is essential. The wonderful news is that dental crowns offer many benefits for your child’s smile. Unlike your own teeth, which are already completely developed, your… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings Benefits

Scheduling an appointment to address your child’s tooth decay can bring with it a wellspring of emotions. Fortunately, these feelings can all be positive ones, thanks to the fact that we offer tooth-colored fillings for pediatric cavities. You may have heard of this restorative treatment for adults, too. You see, unlike metal fillings, which are… Read more »