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Q&A: Pediatric Dentist

Doing your best to protect your child in every way possible is something that causes you to hope against hope that someone would just hand you an instructions manual. The bad news is that just about every parent feels the same but there’s no manual in sight! The good news is that when it comes… Read more »

Q&A: About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth – also called “third molars” – can be quite confusing. This is particularly true since some patients have no problems with this final set of molars – while others deal with potentially damaging side effects. As for your personal experience and questions about wisdom teeth removal, it is important that you become familiar… Read more »

Serious Problem? We Can Help.

Is your child suffering with a serious dental concern? We sometimes find that parents are not quite sure when to call us about an issue, so they put off calling us in an effort to avoid overreacting. Unfortunately, avoiding care can result in additional complications that make treating your child’s smile more complex and costly. Rather than waiting… Read more »

Your Dental Filling Questions

We understand if you have questions about your child’s dental filling. We also know that you do your best to help your child avoid problems like tooth decay – rest assured, most people will experience this oral problem at least once over the course of a lifetime. The good news is that we can easily… Read more »

Your Questions About Thumb Sucking

Like many parents, you are likely concerned about the appropriate ages for thumb sucking and may be curious about potentially negative side effects. The good news is that by learning more about what to expect, you will feel informed and much more relaxed about your little one’s habits. Even better news? Even if you feel… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry: Myth Versus Fact?

While taking care of your own smile requires dedication, making sure your little one’s smile remains healthy brings your commitment to a whole new level. As a result, your attention to separating myths from facts regarding children’s dentistry may become something at which you become consistently more adept. Of course, to make sure you are… Read more »

Our Pediatric Dental Services

Keeping your child’s smile healthy and looking beautiful may require a wide variety of treatments. For instance, we always strive to protect your little one’s smile and surrounding supportive structures by practicing excellent prevention (while instructing you in home care). However, that doesn’t mean an occasional problem will not arise. A problem – of course… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Children’s Dental Health

Your children’s teeth are more than just milestones; they’re placeholders for the adult teeth that will eventually grow in their place. Therefore, keeping their primary teeth healthy and in good shape is as important, and sometimes more so, as keeping your own smile healthy and disease-free. The first thing they should learn, then, is how… Read more »

Q&A Session: Teething

When your typically smiley, happy baby suddenly becomes a fussy, seemingly uncomfortable frowner, you know something has changed. If common symptoms accompany this shift, your instincts that teething has begun are probably spot on. However, particularly if this is your first child, you may find that you have a long list of questions that you… Read more »

How To Handle Your Child’s Toothache

When your child comes to you with a toothache, do you know what to say and what to do? Or do you find that you feel frantic and a bit torn regarding the severity of the situation? Don’t worry, this is a common issue that is best addressed by making your way through several steps…. Read more »