Nitrous Oxide: Is It The Same As Laughing Gas?

Particularly for parents who have not received dental sedation in their own lives, this aspect of dental care may feel like brand new territory. We understand that you probably have a lot of questions for us and would like to really know the ins and outs of your child’s options when we’re discussing anesthesia. Not to worry! We’d be delighted to walk you through sedation, talk about what you can expect, and more. For now, let’s get started by offering some highlights in regard to the gentlest form, known as nitrous oxide.

Does It Have More Than One Name?

Nitrous oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas. You may be more familiar with this term. If you’ve ever wondered why this is another moniker for this type of dental sedation, the answer is an easy one! Many patients who receive it experience sensations of euphoria, which is frequently accompanied by giggling. It can actually make you feel like laughing, which is always a benefit when receiving dental care!

How Is It Administered?

Your child will receive this type of dental sedation by wearing a comfortable mask over his or her nose. All your little one has to do is continue breathing in and out like usual! Nitrous oxide is a gas that’s just a little bit sweet. There are no needles or pills involved, so the experience is extremely easy and relaxing!

What’s The Process Like?

We will provide your child with laughing gas before the visit or procedure begins as he or she lies back in the dental chair. The relaxing effects will begin almost right away. We will continue administering the dental sedation, while a trained, certified anesthesiologist monitors your child. Then, when we are through, we will stop the sedative. The drug wears off very quickly, so you and your kiddo can get back to whatever plans you had for the day!

Learn More About Nitrous Oxide With Our Team

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