Category: Children’s Dental Services

Helpful Tips For Successful Independent Brushing

When the day finally arrives, you will probably find yourself jumping for joy: It’s time for your child to begin brushing independently. This marks a very exciting moment in your child’s life and dental hygiene journey. However, you may find that equal to your enthusiasm is a feeling of hesitation. You may wonder how to… Read more »

Dental Checkups: Compelling Reasons To Schedule Visits

You know that it is extremely important it is to schedule consistent dental checkups to maintain healthy teeth and gums (and more). However, we are very familiar with the fact that though many patients follow our suggestions for committed care, they are not quite sure what makes checkups so significant. To find out more about… Read more »

Don’t Worry, Accidents Happen!

Realizing your child has experienced a sudden accident is scary enough without accompanying discomfort that you may not know how to address. Fortunately, we offer emergency dentistry for your child, so you know just where to turn and what to do when a dental mishap occurs. While this may offer you some relief, you may… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: The Basics

You do your best to keep your child safe – and that includes making sure your little one’s smile is in excellent condition. However, sometimes things happen that are out of your control, which is when professionals like dental teams step in to quickly address issues, make repairs, and send you and your child home… Read more »

Root Canal Treatments: Why We Suggest Them

Like any parent, you are probably a bit hesitant to schedule a dental treatment for your child until you have all of your questions answered. When it comes to understanding why we suggest root canal treatments for your little one, we can certainly understand why you feel concerned. First, recognize that we prioritize your child’s… Read more »

What Are Dental Crowns?

Your child’s teeth are susceptible to a variety of concerns, just like adult teeth. While you are probably not too happy about tooth decay and other factors that can potentially damage your little one’s smile, you will be happy to learn more about dental crowns. These prosthetics often allow us to protect and save your… Read more »

Does Your Child Need A Pediatric Filling?

We know that the last thing you want is to find out that your child needs restorative treatments. However, we encourage you to remain calm and recognize that your child’s comfort and happiness are our top priority. When it comes to tooth decay, the sooner we detect and treat the concern, the sooner your child… Read more »

Are Dental Sealants Good for My Child?

When it comes to offering pediatric dental care, we feel just as strongly as you do about protecting your child’s teeth. This is why we provide you with a comprehensive selection of treatments to keep your child’s adorable smile looking and feeling its best. However, just because you know we offer effective, comfortable care does… Read more »