3 Reasons To Introduce Water Flossers To Kids

Have you recently started wondering whether your kids might be ready for a water flosser? Do you instantly have visions of them having water fights with these fun little wands, immediately wondering if perhaps you have had a momentary lapse in judgment? While you might have to set some ground rules for the purpose of this dental hygiene accessory, it’s certainly a good idea to incorporate it into your kids’ hygiene time. Let’s review a few reasons you should go ahead and give it a try.

#1: They’ll Think It’s Fun!

You might not let your kids have mini water fights but they will still think this is one very fun accessory. The stream of water is powerful yet comfortable, offering a gentle sensation that is likely to elicit some smiles and laughter. Since it also happens to benefit your child’s oral health, it’s worth adding into the dental hygiene routine.

#2: It Will Help Remove Additional Plaque

As you know, water flossers are effective plaque removers. When you use them after brushing and flossing, they can be instrumental in removing bits of missed food or plaque. The cleaner your child’s teeth and gums are every day, the easier it is to maintain wonderful oral health.

#3: It’s Very Helpful For Kids With Braces

If your little one has braces, brushing and flossing might feel a little bit challenging. You may also worry that your child is missing areas during dental hygiene, particularly around brackets. The water flosser is a fantastic, comfortable, and easy way to work around orthodontic work, while keeping smiles nice and clean.

Improve Your Child’s Dental Hygiene With Our Tips

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