Do Baby Teeth Ever Need To Be Extracted?

Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, tend to fall out on their own, while the remaining ones guide permanent teeth into place. But do these teeth ever need to be extracted by the dentist? Sometimes, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist may actually need to remove a tooth completely to help preserve the health of your child’s smile.

The Extraction Process

How do we extract a tooth? First, we will take detailed digital images and x-rays of your smile. We then gain a complete picture of the smile, which lets us know if a tooth can be saved, or if the health of the smile depends on its removal. We then administer a local anesthetic, and we also have sedation options for children too. These options help them remain calm and comfortable and are great for kids with severe dental anxiety. The tooth is then gently extracted with a pair of forceps. We then suture the area closed. The process can take as little as a half hour in some cases.

When We Prescribe Tooth Removal

If a baby tooth’s roots fail to dissolve this could mean the elopement tooth is forced to erupt behind it, causing misalignment. However, if we take the tooth out this clears the way for your permanent teeth. Should a permanent tooth become impacted, we may need to remove it. Extraction is also used for severe cases of tooth decay and dental infection. In these stages, a filling or a root canal may not be enough to save them, and removal prevents infection from reaching surrounding teeth or moving into the jawbone.

Healing and Aftercare

For the first day or two, your little one should rest and avoid strenuous activity. Avoid the use of a straw, and make sure they know not to poke or prod the extraction site with their tongue. A clot will form as part of the healing process, but if this becomes dislodged a dry socket could develop, causing discomfort and requiring further treatment. If you have any questions about how we treat issues that require dental extraction, or about the options we provide to keep your little one comfortable throughout the procedure, then contact our team today to learn more. We’re ready to help your kids obtain stronger and healthier smiles before the new school year starts!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Pediatrician About Tooth Extraction

At our Dallas, TX pediatric dentist’s office is ready to help address severe oral health issues with a safe and comfortable tooth extraction. To find out more about keeping little smiles healthy and strong for years to come, please . Now is a great time to schedule a checkup and cleaning!


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