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Healthy Tips That Can Help Young Smiles

Are your kids used to getting to eat whatever they want, particularly during busy school days? If so, they could actually be causing damage to their smiles. Too much sugar and a lack of nutrients, can contribute to dental problems like cavities. Acidic beverages can also be bad news for the smile’s health. Fortunately, with… Read more »

Be Careful Little Smiles What You Drink

Now that the school year has official begun, chances are your family is rushing from classes to extracurricular activities, and a host of other events that will keep you busy and out of the house during much of the day. But before you resort to lots of unhealthy options to keep your family fed, during… Read more »

Protect Your Young Athlete’s Smile with Custom Dentistry

Do you have a burgeoning football, hockey or other athletic star on your hands who is about to start an action-packed season of practices, games and tournaments? If so, you may have already purchased all the athletic gear they will need to perform their best and make the team, but have you visited their pediatric… Read more »

Do Your Kids Need to Floss Everyday?

Getting your kids to keep up their dental hygiene routine can feel like a much bigger chore for you, as a parent, than it does even for them. It is a worthwhile effort, though, since daily dental care is key to helping to keep their smiles healthy and cavity-free. While daily tooth brushing is one… Read more »

Smile-Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Are you more excited than your kids, about them heading back to school soon? After a long, hot summer it can be fun for the whole family to have a change of pace, and to enjoy the cooler temperatures that are coming. With busy school days, though, comes lots of lunch packing. Before you become… Read more »

What Should Your Kids’ Hygiene Routine Include?

As a first-time parent there is a lot to learn, from how often to feed your baby to how to properly swaddle him or her. Perhaps most importantly you will also have to adapt to surviving on next-to-no sleep. The good news is that, as with most tasks, there will be a lot of learning… Read more »

Why Parents Need Preventive Care Too

Now that fall is almost here, do you find your calendar filling up fast with football games, band practice and a myriad of other school functions? While your kids may require a great deal of your attention and carpooling talents, over the next few months, that doesn’t mean you have to overlook your own needs…. Read more »

Simple Tips for Healthier School Lunches

The kids will be heading back to school soon, and that means your job as official family lunch packer is about to resume. Before it does, and you resort to old standbys like pre-packed lunch kits and bags of cookies, consider some healthier alternatives, instead. By sending your kids to school with healthy foods and… Read more »

Make Sure Your Kids Drink Plenty of Water

The summer days may be winding down, now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still important reasons to make sure your kids continue to drink plenty of water each day. While the scorching heat may be a palpable reminder that your family needs to hydrate, regularly, your bodies still need adequate hydration to function at… Read more »

Does Your Baby’s Smile Need Dental Care?

Is any smile more precious than your baby’s? Your child’s smile probably lights up every room he or she enters, and it has, of course, secured a special place in your own heart. What you may not realize, though, is that to protect that priceless smile, you will need to begin caring for your child’s… Read more »