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Should Your Kids Do More to Protect Their Gums?

Strong teeth and healthy gums are both essential to maintaining great smiles. Unfortunately, many children and adults alike fail to care for their gums effectively. This is why many Americans struggle unknowingly with gum disease, a serious condition that can cause inflammation, infection, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease can also have a negative impact… Read more »

Smile Brightly This Summer with Simple Care Tips: Part Two

Summer is actually an ideal time to schedule your kids’ semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. Remember, even kids whose smiles seem healthy could be at risk of developing cavities or other issues, because of acidic tartar buildup. Most patients need to visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep these and other problems… Read more »

Prevent Dental Cavities with Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Part Two

Cavities are unfortunately incredibly common in kids. In fact, many children will have to face restorative dentistry while they are still in elementary school, due to dental decay caused by acidic erosion. Though excellent daily dental hygiene and healthy diets can help prevent cavities, these are no excuse to skip out on regular dental cleanings…. Read more »

Help Prevent Dental Cavities with Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Part One

What parent wants to see his or her child struggle with dental cavities? Sadly, cavities are incredibly common in school-aged children as well as adults. They can be uncomfortable, at first, especially when trying to enjoy meals and drinks, and eventually cavities can lead to troublesome pain, as well. Untreated cavities can even cause early… Read more »

Got Questions? Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Part Two

You have probably heard the expression that knowing you have a problem is half the battle. Unfortunately, when it comes to parenting identifying problems can seem like a very uphill battle. After all, when your children are young you cannot always trust that they will talk to you when they are not feeling well, much… Read more »

What Are Dental Sealants? And Other FAQs

Dental sealants are made of a durable plastic material that coats the chewing surfaces of one or more teeth. As a cavity prevention tool, sealants block bacteria and tooth decay from affecting the sealed-off tooth. The sealant will smooth over crevices and hiding places for food particles so that your child’s teeth are better protected… Read more »

What is Your Dentist Looking for During a Checkup?

Every six months (and for some patients, more often), children and adults alike should attend a dental checkup and cleaning appointment. Besides removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, the visit allows your dentist to thoroughly examine your oral tissues to make sure they don’t exhibit signs of issues that may require treatment. However, a dental… Read more »

Got Questions? Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Part One

Is your child is facing a dental problem? Is that causing you stress because you are not sure what to do about it? Or, do you struggle with knowing just how to best care for your children’s smiles as they begin to grow? If so, don’t be afraid to speak with your pediatric dentist. He… Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Learning About Your Family’s Smiles: Part Two

All parents wants to help keep their kids healthy, including the precious smiles they have come to love. Unfortunately, not all parents understand what it really takes to maintain great oral health, either in their own adulthood or for their children. If you want to teach your kids how to have beautiful and healthy smiles… Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Learning About Your Family’s Smiles: Part One

Before you can effectively help keep your kids’ smiles healthy, you first need to understand what it takes to develop and maintain oral health. Sure, you probably already know it means daily tooth brushing and regular dental checkups. But what else is necessary to keep your family’s smiles healthy? Many people don’t realize all that… Read more »