Dental Sealants And Cavity Prevention

People of all ages should enjoy daily protection to prevent the formation of cavities. Kids can require extra help to stay safe from decay. That can come from helpful guidance, access to healthier snacks, and visits to their dentist for preventive care. At our Dallas, TX pediatric dental office, we can provide important protection for your kids. One service we offer is treatment with dental sealants, which provide a safe layer of protection for their enamel. With sealants, bacteria and food debris are kept separate from teeth, which protects them from damage. This is one of several steps we take to help our patients stay safe against oral health threats!

Are Kids More Vulnerable To Cavities Than Adults?

Kids and adults have natural protection from their dental enamel, but kids can face different risks when it comes to cavities. One is that they are less familiar with important oral health concepts, and have less experience with brushing and flossing. Another is that they can have a harder time turning down sweets, which means they can have more exposure to sugars that put their enamel at risk for decay. One way we can help is by providing dental sealants to create a new layer of protection for their teeth.

Using Dental Sealants To Provide Extra Protection

Dental sealants are safe to apply, and provide long-term support for children. This clear plastic material is applied in liquid form. A thin layer can serve as a barrier against microbes and food particles while preserving their appearance. This material is applied to back teeth, which can be more difficult to clean. The material can seal off the spaces between the cusps of their molars, areas where bacteria and food can gather.

Preventive Visits Help Kids Learn Good Oral Hygiene Habits

There are many reasons to bring your kids to the dentist from an early age. Preventive pediatric dental exams provide regular updates about your child’s development, and can alert you to issues that might call for treatment at a later date. They also provide a helpful introduction to concepts of oral hygiene and dental care. The guidance offered at appointments will help kids learn good habits and take oral hygiene seriously. We can also provide age-appropriate preventive services such as teeth cleanings and evaluations.

Pediatric Dental Care At Casa Linda Helps Kids Stay Cavity-Free!

At our Dallas, TX pediatric dental office, we can take different steps to help kids stay safe against dental decay. One service we offer involves the application of dental sealants, which can create important protection against the buildup of oral bacteria and food particles. If your children need extra support against dental decay, if they are due for preventive services, or if there are any other matters that we can help with, please reach out to Pediatric Dental Care At Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880!

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