Summer Is A Great Time For A Checkup

What kid doesn’t love summer break? However, their newfound freedom also means more snacking, and less frequent brushing and flossing. Which makes summer a great time to schedule a checkup for your children, and to make sure your kids are taking good care of their smiles, even on their time off! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist looks at why checkups during the summer are recommended!

Using Advanced Technology

We want to offer an exam with precision and accuracy, one that identifies problems in the earliest possible stages, and lets us examine the teeth comfortably too. With our Nomad X-Rays, we have a portable digital x-ray unit that uses 90% less radiation than traditional systems. Kids only need to bite down on a small sensor, instead of dealing with large unwieldy bite wings. The images will be uploaded onto a computer screen chairside, so we can make the diagnosis quickly and also help you and your child understand what is happening with your child’s smile.

Exams and Cleanings

What does the checkup look for? We want to make sure baby teeth are falling out correctly, and that permanent teeth are erupting in proper position without becoming impacted. We also watch for the warning signs of demineralization and tooth decay, as well as infection and gingivitis. The earlier we discover a problem, the sooner we can administer treatment. In the same visit, we will also clean the teeth. A cleaning means we remove all harmful plaque and tartar from the smile with an ultrasonic scaling device. We next polish the teeth. The procedure not only fights bad breath and teeth stains, but lowers the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis too!

Protecting Smiles Over the Summer

What else can you do to protect your children’s smiles during summer? First, make sure they continue to brush twice a day and floss every evening. Try to offer healthy snack options, like fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of just candy and other sugar-rich options. Make sure they drink plenty of water too! Sports drinks may hydrate, but they also contain acids that are harmful for little smiles. Also, keep an eye out for swimmer’s calculus, which could occur due to high pH levels in pools, causing tooth sensitivity and weakened enamel.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a visit for your kids, then contact our team today to learn more!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Pediatrician About Children’s Dentistry

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