Category: Preventive Treatments

3 Things To Remember Before Checkups

Do you wonder how to approach bringing your child in to see us for a dental checkup? Are you trying to decide if you should tell your child stories about your experiences with checkups, so your son or daughter feels included in a legacy of good smile care? Or, are you worried that your child… Read more »

3 Things To Mention During A Checkup

You bring your child in for a dental checkup once every six months so we can maintain a detailed understanding of his or her oral health. This is an excellent way to prevent damage or illness from affecting your child’s smile. While we cover a lot of ground with our efforts, you may be overlooking… Read more »

Q&A: Can My Child Brush Independently?

When you begin wondering about your child’s ability to brush independently, you may find yourself a bit torn. First, if your child shows enthusiasm for dental hygiene and increasingly developing habits, you might want to let your little one brush solo as soon as possible. However, it is important not to give your child too… Read more »

2016: Quick Prep For Healthy Smiles

As you prepare to guide your child into another exciting year of growth and development, one of your goals includes promoting a healthy smile that stays that way. Like most parents, you likely have a long list of other very important concerns to ensure your child’s wellbeing in safe and sound. Fortunately, we are ready… Read more »

Create New Year’s Resolutions

A wonderful activity for children who are old enough to feel excited about the New Year is to sit down with your child and create New Year’s resolutions together. Since you can include anything you want, slipping in goals regarding your dental hygiene and encouraging your child to follow suit can create a fun way to… Read more »

Q&A: Brushing Your Tongue

Have you ever found yourself instructing your child to brush his or her tongue only to wonder if you’re offering the correct advice? Perhaps this is something you have never done but you have a feeling you’re supposed to include tongue brushing as part of dental hygiene. Allow us to offer some clarification on this… Read more »

Check Your Child’s Brushing

Whether you have a young tot who is learning to brush his teeth for the first time or teenage girls who seem like seasoned pros, it is important that you monitor brushing habits. While we would all like to assume our children develop exceptional dental hygiene. However, as new skills develop, younger patients often overlook particular… Read more »

Choose This, Not That

Do your children ever ask you for something that you know is particularly bad for their smiles? Perhaps your little ones ask for sugar-filled gum or extremely chewy candy that you know will lead to a mess and sugar-coated teeth that are hard to clean up (and vulnerable to tooth decay). Have you often found… Read more »

Sneak Dental Care Fun Into Holiday Time

Do you begin feeling extra concerned about your child’s smile over the holidays? What is your biggest concern? Is your child becoming older and more independent and you want to think of a way to promote a positive outlook on dental care? Do you worry about your child’s dental hygiene throughout November, December, and even… Read more »

Are Kids More Likely to Have Cavities?

As a parent, is it natural to worry about how often your children brush and floss their teeth, or how much candy they consume. Besides the discomfort and risks of childhood cavities, treating the decay that causes them might sometimes prove extensive. Because they have not yet mastered the art of good hygiene, kids may… Read more »