Your Child’s Smile: 2 Drink Dangers You’re Overlooking

As a parent, you have become the responsible party for disappointing your children with word “no” when they want something that isn’t good for them. You have also become a master at alternatives that will usually keep your kids happy and satisfy you with the sense that you’re protecting them. When it comes to the details associated with your kids’ smile (and all things associated with oral health), this can become a bit tricky on occasion. Today, we would like to inform you of some very common, tricky details to add to your growing bank of wisdom!

#1: All Soda Is Harmful

If you have ever told your child that he or she can drink a diet soda when asked for a soda that contains sugar, it’s time for a quick refresh: While avoiding sugar is always a good plan, it’s not only sugars that lead to issues like decay. Anything acidic (sugar leads to an acidic environment in your child’s mouth) is a danger. That means all sodas, most fruit juices, citrus fruits, tea, hot chocolate. Pretty much any drink other than water may encourage oral health damage.

#2: Decaf Coffee Contains Caffeine

Does your teen love those fancy espresso drinks but you’re not into the thought of your teen drinking caffeine? Keep in mind when you say, “Okay, but make it decaf” that decaffeinated coffee drinks still contain caffeine. It’s not a lot. However, if your child is prone to grinding or clenching (bruxism), it’s best to steer clear of any and all caffeine. Of course, the sugars and acids in those drinks aren’t wonderful for oral health (or stain prevention) either!

Protect Your Kids’ Smiles With Helpful Insight

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