Fun Ways To Introduce The Dental Topic

Want to drop little hints to your kiddos about dental care but you know if you sit down and lecture them, it will fall on deaf ears? There are certainly some much easier ways to introduce the topic without making dental hygiene and oral health care seem like a chore list. Additionally exciting is the fact that some simple activities can make it a bit easier for you to monitor how your kids’ smiles are looking, too. Remember, the simplest moments can prove quite beneficial!

Count Teeth Together

An extremely simple way to start talking about dental care is to count your teeth together. All you have to do is ask your little one how many teeth he or she has and then count. Count your teeth, too. Explain that kids have 20 baby teeth and that later, adult smiles have 32 teeth. Along the way, you can answer questions and drop in details about keeping those teeth safe by brushing, flossing, and coming in for fun dental visits.

Share Your Healthy Smile

If your smile looks lovely, then feel free to let kiddos take a peek around. You can explain that your smile looks white and healthy even though you are much older (well, a little older anyway) because you practice good dental care.

Read A Book Together

Do you read to your child? Add in a children’s book about teeth or dental care. It’s an easy way to present the facts in a fun way (or to get the discussion going about teeth, gums, and more). Head to the children’s fiction section of your local bookstore or library (or search online) for a surprising wealth of options.

Ask For Our Tips For Talking To Kids About Oral Health

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