Kids’ Smile Tips: All Things Gift Wrap

If you’re lucky, though it might take a bit longer than if you were breezing along on your own, your kids love to help you wrap presents! Of course, they also love unwrapping them, too. While this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season, it can also turn a little dangerous very quickly. Never connected the dots this way but you’re ready to learn more? Keep kids’ smiles safe from accidental injury by considering some smile safe tips.

Tip: Stop Kids From Using Their Teeth To Wrap

Perhaps you do this! Or, you may already know it’s a no-no. In either case, this is a smile safe tip for you and your kids and everyone else! The moment you or your child brings wrapping paper, a ribbon, or anything else to his or her mouth to tear it, let them know this is never a good idea. Hand your little one a pair of child-safe scissors (and grab the grown-up ones for yourself). When you use teeth to help you wrap, this is the way very unexpected injuries happen.

Tip: The Same Applies For Unwrapping

Don’t let little ones (or yourself) try to tug at stubborn ribbons and bows with teeth. Don’t break open a plastic package with your smile. Don’t use your smiles, period! In addition to possibly harming teeth, gums, and more, anyone can accidentally swallow an inedible item or face a choking hazard!

Tip: Make Life Easy

Make things easier with this smile safe tip: Skip the difficult tying with ribbons and the sometimes dangerous curling of those ribbons with the blade of a scissor. Instead? Smack some stickers onto those gifts, use a press-on bow, etc. Limit your need for a blade, so you can rest easy and enjoy the wrapping and unwrapping experience!

Ask For Hints To Keep Young Smiles Safe

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