Fluorosis: Answering Key Questions

The mysterious side of fluoride rears its head again! While you may already feel A-OK about this mineral in regard to whether it’s safe for your child’s overall health during daily use (it is), you may have heard other parents mention the possibility of a condition called fluorosis. Now, all of your I-feel-great-about-fluoridated-toothpaste feelings are up in the air and you find yourself conflicted again over the paste you’ve chosen for your little one. Amazing news: There’s really nothing to worry about. Consider answers to key questions and you will see that steering clear of this disorder is very easy to do.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is fluorosis, exactly?

Answer: This disorder occurs when your child’s teeth are forming. If your child consumes too much fluoride, it will lead to the discoloration of his or her enamel, which will typically look like white lines.

Question: Is fluorosis dangerous for my child’s oral health?

Answer: No. It’s a problem that leaves esthetic marks but that does not negatively impact the healthy development of your child’s smile.

Question: What can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen to my child?

Answer: You need to make sure your kids are getting the right amount of fluoride, which is something you’ll need to monitor extra closely until children are around eight years of age. Keep the following in mind:

  • Schedule consistent twice-a-year visits with us, so we can keep on top of this detail with you during checkups
  • Never use more fluoridated toothpaste than is directed for your child (and for your child’s age group)
  • Make sure your child does not swallow toothpaste
  • Check to see if your community water is fluoridated; if so, do not use fluoride supplements unless instructed by our team or your pediatrician

Learn More About Fluoride During Checkups

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